About Us

IntelBrains Company is where businesses get solid Technological solutions that improve enterprise esteem and guarantee Return on Investment (ROI). The company is properly registered and has a physical address at 10th Road Dodoma, Tanzania.

Bridging the gap between business and technology

Innovation is at the focal point of our business. We attempt to think beyond, move quickly, and continually challenge ourselves to find better approaches to getting things done and provide solutions to our clients. Our extreme objective is to give INNOVATIVE solutions that bridge the gap between BUSINESS and TECHNOLOGY.

IntelBrains is a leading technology company dedicated to providing innovative solutions to its customers. Our mission is to deliver the most compelling technological experience possible and create a better everyday life for people. With our team of experts, we strive to revolutionize the industry and push the boundaries of what is possible. We are committed to providing quality products and exceptional customer service that exceeds our clients’ expectations. Our passion for technology and our commitment to excellence make us a trusted partner for businesses and individuals alike. Choose IntelBrains for cutting-edge solutions that enhance your life and your business.

Who We Are

We consider ourselves as your technology solutions partner, not just a service provider.

What We Do

We provide specialized ICT services and solutions to forward-thinking organizations.

Why Choose Us

We think differently, we move fast and we constantly challenge ourselves to serve you better.

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Interested in our services or need advice? Then please get in touch and we’ll be glad to help.

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